Dr Pol Shows

So some friends have asked which episodes we have been in. I went through all the list on Nat Geo Wild website and theses are the Dr. Pol episodes we have been featured in.

Season 8: (our first appearance) “Dairy Queens” 3/5/2015 visit Charlie getting gelded

Season 9: “Peacock-A-Doodle Do” 7/16/16 Charlie getting Spring Vaccines

Season 11: “Frosty the Pol-Man” 8/5/2017 Bringing Christmas gifts to the clinic

Special Episode: “That’s Incredi-Pol” 3/16/2016 2015 Charlie being #6 in favorite case special Episode when Dr. Pol was telling everyone about him

Special Episode: “Purr-fect Pairs” 9/9/2017 Talking about Charlie being a therapy horse

Special Episode: 3/25/2017 “The Incredible-Dr Pol The 100th Episode Pol-tacular”

Season 13: “New Cats on the Block” 8/5/2018 When Charlie was sick October 2017 and Dr. Emily helped us. Plus this was George’s first time on the show when he was named Stunner

Season 14: “Something Pol Something New” 1/19/2019 Charlie and George Spring vaccines 2018

Season 15: “Dr. Pol’s Super Bowl” 8/31/2019 Mid-Michigan Honor Flight Fundraiser with Dr. Pol and Charlie Bowling “

Season 15: “Danes of Our Lives” 9/14/2019 Fred’s first time at the clinic for his goopy eyes

Season 17: “Feliz Navidog” 9/12/2020 Fred and the puppies for vaccines at Christmas time

We have been filmed more times and we look forward to being in more episodes.
1.    Filmed Summer 2018 vaccines and sheath cleaning Charlie & George
2.    Filmed March 2019 Charlie, George, and Fred spring vaccines
3.    Filmed June 2019 At our home with Charlie and at Green Acres Mt Pleasant Therapy visit with Charlie, George, and Fred
4.    Filmed Oct 2019 Fred getting gelded
5.    Filmed July 2020 Took Charlie, George, and Fred to get CVI’s and vaccines for Family Horsey Vacation to Missouri

Happy watching the greatest show EVER!! We are so blessed to be on the show and so blessed they have brought so much awareness to all we do. Momma Paparazzi (MP)